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  • sissassy published a text post 1 month ago
    Inspirazzle Back To Life

    I was started Inspirazzle way back in around year 2008. Inspirazzle was abbreviation from words Inspiration and Dazzle. At that time, I was thinking to have one personal media to share about my interests and view, hopefully it can inspired the reader.

    Since that time, Inspirazzle has changing concept many times. Started from lifestyle tips, design from indonesia inspiration, blog for my studio, I even used it for my personal blog once.

    Later on, I became more involved in social media scene and kinda lost interest on blogging. I used name Sissassy all over the media, then decide to create personal blog using my pen name.


    But, I never forgot Inspirazzle. Every year, each time I have to pay for the domain name, it reminds me of the abandoned blog with very beautiful name that I love the most. So, I decided to bring Inspirazzle back to life. This time, I decided to back to the things I love the most: design, animals and writing.

    Inspirazzle latest concept was design inspiration for animal lovers. All design, artworks and creative pieces that have animal image on it. I curated it myself, only chose artworks that inspired me most.

    Since I really care about endangered animal and animal conservation, in the future I wish I have more time to add a short trivia about animal on the artwork, especially if the species was in endangered status. And I really wish that I will be able to add little information about shelter or conservation that specialized on saving each species. So together we can help those organizations and saving endangered species.

    Please view Inspirazzle here. Reblog, follow or comment are totally encouraged because I love to hear your opinion. Once again, hopefully, just like its tittle, Inspirazzle will be able to inspired you and dazzle your day. 

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  • sissassy published a text post 1 year ago
    Living In a Dream


    Just like old people said “dream big, as high as the sky”. Once, I thought become a vet is my dream, so I try so hard to reach it. Turns out it isn’t my dream. It just something I wanna do because I love animals.

    The problem is I never knew what my dream really is. My parents allow me to do everything I wanted to do, so basically I never had a chance to dream. Dream, for me, just like something that you really want to do, and you aren’t able to try to do it just yet. When you able to do it, it is not a dream anymore.

    Growing up, I realize that many of my girl friends were stuck in their dreams. All have same dream: want to become business woman/work in office/have their own business. But they choose to become stay home wife and mom instead.

    I don’t mean to against a full time wife and mom job. But, I just thinking. If they really happy with their choices why they whining a lot?. Have they ever look up in the mirror and ask themselves about what they really want? or about future?. How if their children grow up, have their own dreams, and their mother not in their dreams. While at the same time, their mother lives for her child, throw away their dreams for her child. Ironic isn’t it.

    I just don’t want that happen to me. Dream is what make me today. I think, someday, I’ll let my child do every his/her dreams of. Hoping that he/she would never throw away his/her dream for anything as long as they live. Because they dream is what will make them in the future. Let’s living in a dream.

    illustration: Dream Big by James Flames

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